Bio & Interviews

Holly LeCrawHolly LeCraw was born in Atlanta and grew up working in her father’s beloved institution of a bookstore, Oxford Books. When not at the bookstore she could be found reading on the sofa, in bed, in the car, in public, and/or late into the night. She attended Duke University, where she was active in theater both musical and non-, and graduated with honors in English. She spent the next several years writing, getting cold feet, trying to do things that were almost writing but not quite, and then finally committing to the writer’s life. Along the way she waitressed (badly), temped, answered phones, taught freshman composition, worked in academic publishing and got a Master’s in English from Tufts University. She wrote many almost-published short stories and a few published ones, plus a novel-in-a-drawer, before completing The Swimming Pool.

The Swimming Pool was published by Doubleday in 2010 and recently was released in paperback. It was a Kirkus Top Debut of 2010 and was named a “Best Book of Summer” by The Daily Beast and Good Morning America. LeCraw’s short fiction has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and was chosen by Tom Perrotta to appear in NO NEAR EXIT: WRITERS SELECT THEIR FAVORITE WORK FROM POST ROAD MAGAZINE, recently published by Dzanc. She is at work on her second novel, which will also be published by Doubleday.

Now firmly bi-regional, LeCraw lives outside Boston with her husband, journalist Peter Howe, and their three children, and spends part of each summer on Cape Cod. Her accent will come out when it feels safe, which is usually only below the Mason-Dixon line.