Book Talk with Cyd Oppenheimer

It’s not often a writer has the utterly affirming pleasure of meeting an ideal reader. Even more rare is having that ideal reader interview you, and then do a discussion of your book on the radio with not one, but two more ideal readers. I had this great privilege a couple of weeks ago when The Half Brother was featured on Cyd Oppenheimer’s show Book Talk, on WNHH (New Haven).

The best link to the show is here. You’ll need to download Soundcloud (free). Here is a link through iTunes–you’ll have to scroll through shows; ours was on 10/21/15. And here (also on Soundcloud) are all Cyd’s shows to date. It’s a newish show, but it’s going places–Cyd has (ahem) excellent taste. So far she’s also interviewed Rebecca Sherm, Matthew Thomas, Jess Row and Carol Rifka Blunt, among others.

As I told Cyd, I am consistently humbled by the true booklovers of the world! Where would we be–writers or readers–without them?